Brewer High School Broadens Volunteer Horizons

Brewer High School Camp CaPella JMG

Dana Mosher, Executive Director of Camp CaPella, explains the camp’s mission to Brewer high School JMG students in class.

Trying to narrow down a list of nearly 100 potential grantees to a manageable group in order to invite them to submit RFPs is a daunting task. It is not so easy for forty high school students to develop consensus. Jennifer Hikel, the Brewer High School JMG Specialist helped guide her students through the criteria and hard choices and they made interesting new community contacts through the process.

“We have built some new relationships, specifically with Camp CaPella, an organization that serves children with disabilities that had never heard of JMG. Through the Jumpstart Our Youth program, Camp CaPella has invited our students to pursue potential volunteer opportunities and we look forward to learning more.” Jennifer said that it was helpful for the students to learn more about the different community organizations as “so often we stick to what we know” which doesn’t always ensure the best outcome. Brewer High School granted $500 to Camp CaPella and $500 to Make-A- Wish foundation.