Familiar Tools Feed Renewed Enthusiasm for JOY

The five-year milestone in the JOY program provided an opportunity for South Portland’s Mahoney Middle School Specialist, Jeff Kozaka, to review and align the philanthropy curriculum with other technology skills and goals being taught.  “I decided to upgrade the JOY … Continue reading

If Dreams Came True We Wouldn’t Need Grants

With tiaras on their heads and wands in hand, the volunteer Fairy Godmothers of the Dream Factory made a compelling case to the assembled JMG classes of South Portland High School and Memorial and Mahoney Middle Schools about why they … Continue reading

Mahoney Middle School Digs for Details, Debates Preferences

Students in Jeff Kozaka’s JMG unit cast a wide net in soliciting RFP’s for their JOY grant.  In doing so, they set themselves up for both more research and a serious debate about which organization should receive the funds.  The students are  interested … Continue reading

That All-Important First Impression . . .

Camp Sunshine’s Events Coordinator, Ashley Riley, made such a compelling case to South Portland High School and South Portland’s Mahoney Middle School that she earned two JOY grants worth $2000 from the JMG students. Mahoney’s Richard Luther, Secretary of the … Continue reading