The Economic and Mission Impact of JOY

Research shows that when youth participate in philanthropy they lead in giving and volunteering during their lifetimes, as well as in choosing nonprofit/human service related careers. In Maine, as in all states, it is important to instill in our youth an understanding of both the power and potential of philanthropy as well as the responsibilities and rewards that come with being an engaged and giving member of one’s community.

By building awareness about the role of philanthropy and honing skills such as team building, collaboration, communications, fiscal responsibility, goal-setting and critical thinking, JOY promotes leadership, entrepreneurship and generosity.

Students in Grades 6 through 12 who participate in Jumpstart Our Youth® (JOY)  build new skills through learning financial literacy; increase their understanding of the role of local nonprofit organizations in addressing community issues; provide hands-on volunteering, and experiment with grantmaking and fund development activities. These skills help the students meet the learning competencies identified as those that best prepare our youth for the future.

Students at Maine colleges with JMG’s College Success programs mentor students still in middle and high school and continue to develop their philanthropic skills.

JOY Annual Report – Year 9

For past reports, please follow this link

“JOY has given my JMG students an opportunity to look outside their own lives and needs to see how organizations strive to help youth through giving and caring. It is an educational eye opener in philanthropy.”

~Joe Fagnant, JMG Specialist, Hodgdon High School

“As a Specialist, my favorite part of the JOY project is our discussions of the applications and presentations.  The students become passionate about helping the organizations in our area.  They really take their responsibility seriously.”

~ Scott Browning, JMG Master Specialist, Oceanside High School-East, Rockland