How Philanthropy Impacts Youth

Research shows that when youth participate in philanthropy they lead in giving and volunteering during their lifetimes, as well as in choosing nonprofit/human service related careers. In Maine, as in all states, it is important to instill in our youth an understanding of the power and potential of philanthropy as well as the responsibilities and rewards that come with being a giving member of one’s community.

By building awareness about the role of philanthropy and honing skills such as team building, collaboration, communications, fiscal responsibility, goal setting and critical thinking, JOY promotes leadership, entrepreneurship and generosity.

Youth participants have the opportunity to build new skills through becoming financially literate; increase their understanding of the role of local nonprofit organizations in addressing community issues–particularly those issues affecting youth; experience volunteerism and experiment with grantmaking and fund development activities.

“It’s great to be able to give back to a place that has helped feed my own family”
—LearningWorks Student