“JOY” Throughout the Year

Students with experience in Jumpstart Our Youth feel empowered to find solutions to everyday needs, even outside the structured annual grant process. At Spruce Mountain High School, JMG Specialist Barbara Jewett notes that students who have had more experience with … Continue reading

Morse High School Changes the Equation

 When does $1000=$10,000?  When students in Maria Morris’ JMG class raise money to purchase food for the Bath area food truck.  Owned and operated by Kim Gates, the Bath area mobile food truck delivers food from the Good Shepherd food … Continue reading

Warsaw Middle School: “They Thanked Me for the Opportunity to Help!”

Philanthropy. Donating. Volunteering. Contributing. All words that imply something given with no expectation of return. Also, sometimes a tough concept for adolescents to grasp. Keith Piehler, while serving as a JMG Specialist at Warsaw Middle School in Pittsfield, was driving … Continue reading