Calais Keeps it Local

Calais Keeps it LocalThe Calais Skate Park is persistent. For three years it applied for JOY funds from Calais High School that would allow technical students to purchase materials and build a new ramp. For two years the skaters were disappointed; but this year, because the Calais JMG students chose to look at needs close to home, they got the support they needed.

“Last year our JOY program made a grant to Make-A-Wish Foundation. With a $1 million annual budget, it’s not even in the same food group as the skate park,” said Calais Specialist Ed Leeman. It is every bit as important to children in need, but this year we talked a lot about keeping our support local because we are closer to the needs and understand them better.”

The JMG group also augmented the $1000 JOY funding with money they raised on their own; enabling them to support not only the Skate Park, but other local programs including an after-school program, the Greenland Point Center and yes, another gift to Make-A Wish as well.