How These Things Work

Three generations interacting togetherAt a check presentation celebration at Washington County Community College, Rebecca Gardner, a JMG senior at Washington Academy reflected, “One thing that stood out for me about the whole Jumpstart Our Youth process was how much work goes into making a community function – and how many services I’ve taken for granted.”

Rebecca and her JMG classmates learned, for example, that a weekend-long event called “Special Family Weekend” at the Washington County Children’s Program doesn’t just happen, and in fact a lot of work goes into this event to make it a successful support activity for families of children with special needs. These families can connect and relax, and share ideas about coping and managing while their children are cared for by skilled caregivers.

The JOY grant awarded by Washington Academy helped to make the annual gathering a success, opening Rebecca’s and others’ eyes to the many hands, minds and hearts needed to truly make a community function.