Rivals Break Down Barriers, Impress Nonprofits

Waterville and Winslow High SchoolsTraditional school rivals Waterville and Winslow High Schools agreed to set competitiveness aside as they combined their JOY grant money and evaluation skills to benefit youth in the region. According to Waterville Specialist Joe Haney, “It was about how much bang for the buck . . . what is the greatest impact with the money we have?”

Ultimately the grants were awarded to the Alfond Youth Center and the Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanderers. Steve Mayberry of the Maine Children’s Home was very impressed with the thoughtful questions the students asked during his presentation and how they brainstormed ways they could help make brighter holidays for children in need, projecting that the Home may serve 2,000 children.

And the rivalry? Waterville Sophomore Sadie Dixon weighed in, “If it’s for a good cause, I can get over it!”