Sanford Junior High Students Gain New Vocabulary from Classroom Guests

The Sanford Junior High school students in Kara Boone’s JMG group have had the opportunity to include adult community members in their grant-making process as they learn more about what effective philanthropy is. Kara invited a school-board member who is also with the Rotary Club to speak to the students about good grantmaking practices. They have learned all about “sustainability,” “matching grants,” sweat equity” and the difference between a “hand-up and a hand-out”.

Using a prepared set of questions, the students have been able to learn more about community needs, and how local organizations respond, from other classroom guests that Kara has invited. As Kara said, “I want them to see that anyone can become a philanthropist once they see a need and have a passion to meet it.”

Using their newly developed evaluation tools, the students chose to award their JOY grant to the Waban Project, a summer camp for children with autism.