Warsaw Middle School: “They Thanked Me for the Opportunity to Help!”

Warsaw Middle School JOY

Warsaw Middle School made its JOY donation to the Pittsfield Public Library’s Teen Center, an effort the students can join.

Philanthropy. Donating. Volunteering. Contributing. All words that imply something given with no expectation of return. Also, sometimes a tough concept for adolescents to grasp. Keith Piehler, while serving as a JMG Specialist at Warsaw Middle School in Pittsfield, was driving home the idea that giving time, talent and treasure are all important components of being a member of a strong community. Several students volunteered early on a Saturday morning to be part of the “Keep Me Warm” weatherization audits in their community – visiting homes and assessing ways for residents to save on heating bills. And all of the JMG students volunteered to spend an afternoon and evening preparing, serving and cleaning up a community dinner offered to thank families for their school support. And afterwards? “The students came up to me and thanked me for the chance to be involved,” said Keith, “no rewards expected, but good feelings experienced by all.”