Morse High School Changes the Equation

JOY food truck  When does $1000=$10,000?  When students in Maria Morris’ JMG class raise money to purchase food for the Bath area food truck.  Owned and operated by Kim Gates, the Bath area mobile food truck delivers food from the Good Shepherd food pantry to hungry people in Bath.  It costs Kim $1000 to purchase a whole truck full of food, however the retail value and volume of the food is $10,000.

In responding to the Morse High School JOY rfp, Kim made a lasting impression upon the students, many of whose families have benefitted from the truck.  Since the students had decided to award $500 of their total $1000 JOY grant to the local Head Start program they had $500 in JOY funds to donate to Kim’s nonprofit.  And that is when the larger community got involved in the JOY program.

 The students longed to be able to purchase a whole truck load of food.  They shared their goal with the residents at Washington House, a local housing facility for seniors with disabilities where the JMG students regularly volunteered to play cards and games with residents.  Together the young and not-so-young came up with an additional $425 through selling items at a craft fair and holding a yard sale.  And, when one of Maria’s students presented the JOY program to the local Rotary Club, to her surprise the Rotarians wrote a check for the outstanding $75 – and then $1000 could buy $10,000 worth of food for the community. 

 The beaming seniors and students presented an overwhelmed Kim Gates with their check. “It’s one thing to raise funds for new basketball uniforms,” said Kim, “it’s quite another to work so hard to raise money for people you don’t even know.”

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