Sometimes You Have to Kiss a Lot of . . . Cows?

jumpstart our youth JOY Freeport High School

“Popular” coach Elayna Girardin puckers up for Rosetta during a JOY fundraiser

Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be the most popular teacher in school.  Well, maybe it pays, but the money is hard earned.

 Freeport High School JMG Specialist, Jay Harper, puckered up for Rosetta, a Holstein, as did seven other “popular” teachers and administrators.  Freeport students paid JMG to support their favorite cow-kisser in a clever fund-raiser that JMG used to increase the amount of their JOY grant over and above the $1000 provided by Unity Foundation and funding partners.

 Freeport’s JMG made a total contribution of $1466 to Seeds of Independence, a school-based mentoring program that operates at Freeport High School. “We chose Seeds of Independence because we know the organization works well in our school teaching life skills and mentoring students,” said Freeport senior Brittany Moon of the school-based peer mentoring program.  Brittany also happens to be Rosetta’s owner and happily held the bovine center of attraction to the delight of the packed auditorium.