Warming Up for JOY

Students in Randy Inosencio’s South Portland High School JMG classes began “training” for JOY early in the 2012-13 school year.  Long before students began the process of researching potential nonprofits to receive Jumpstart Our Youth grants, they launched into public service and fund-raising for other important community causes. 

Teaming up with AT&T’s “It Can Wait” campaign, students educated their peers

South Portland JMG students gathered 450 pledges not to text and drive in a warm up to the JOY program.

about the importance of not texting while driving. Using a yearbook spread, reading statistics daily on the school PA system and distributing posters and flyers, they collected 450 signatures from peers and staff pledging not to text and drive. Moved by the story of Kyle St. Clair, a brave 8 year old boy from Scarborough who passed away this year from lifelong undiagnosed digestive conditions, the JMG students raised $750 to donate to Angel Flight, an organization of pilots who donate time to fly sick children to long-distance medical care.  Kyle’s parents were consulted and recommended the organization.

 “We are reinforcing the idea that we may not always have money to give, but there is always some other way to give back,” says Randy.