MCI Teens Promote Trails

It can be expensive to enjoy the woods and waters of Maine; backpacks and snowshoes don’t come cheap.  Yet, getting students to unplug and bond in the outdoors is an unbeatable learning opportunity.

 Wiscasset-based Teens to Trails (T3) provides grants to schools across Maine to purchase the equipment necessary to establish Outing Clubs, ensuring safe and fun outdoor experiences, and promoting environmental stewardship. 

 Maine Central Institute (MCI) has received four grants from T3 to purchase equipment for its Outdoor Adventure team.  Students can even earn Varsity letters for participation.  This year, the students felt that a little reciprocation was in order and chose to award its JOY grant to Teens to Trails.

 JMG Specialist Greg Fortier summed up the decision, “Our students have benefited so much from the generosity of T3 they felt that by awarding T3 the JOY grant they would not only be expressing their gratitude for the programming we have, but will be helping other schools participate in outdoor adventure as well.”


MCI Students, Teens to Trails

A team of MCI Howling Huskies takes on the T3 Maine Adventure Race. MCI awarded Teens to Trails a $1000 JOY grant.