One “Drop” is the Difference to Successful Programs

Freeport High school students faced a dilemma as they considered awarding their JOY grant this year. Despite sending out more than a dozen rfp’s to local nonprofits inviting them to apply for the JOY grant, they only received three applications (a challenge faced by several schools this year and one we will look at for next year).

Freeport had funded two of the three applicants in the past and the students were looking to get involved with a new program. No problem – Family Crisis Services Young Adult Abuse Prevention ProgramJumpstart Our Youth, JOY, YAAPP, Freeport High School (YAAPP) – the final applicant that hadn’t been funded in the past, presented Freeport with the opportunity to get involved in addressing dating and relationship violence, a compelling mission driven home by a dynamic presentation at school.

 One problem – YAAPP asked for the $1000 grant to be part of a $5000 fund in order to upgrade their website to more effectively reach more students. The Freeport grantmakers weren’t convinced that the “drop in the bucket” their grant would be would make much difference.  Specialist Jay Harper begged to differ, “I showed them a video that the South Portland JMG team had funded with their JOY grant a few years back. They had been part of a larger funding solution, but the final product was powerful because of the larger overall budget.  After some discussion and reflection the students agreed that every bit counts and made the grant.”