Savvy Student Shoppers Stretch Grant Dollars

Winter clothing clearance deals brought Christmas in May to the Community Christmas Giving Tree in Machias.  Machias Memorial High School gave its JOY grant to the Community Christmas Giving Tree and then immediately helped the charity spend the money, taking advantage of late season sales on coats, hats and boots to stock up for donations that the Giving Tree will make during the next holiday season.


JOY, Jumpstart Our Youth, Machias Memorial High School, student philanthropy

JMG Specialist Jeff Chick modeling a pink hat (rear) with power shoppers stocking up the Community Christmas Giving Tree closets.

Senior Crysta Bourque joined her classmates on the shopping spree.  “We shopped for kids of all ages that are served by the Community Giving Tree,” said Crysta. “We found boots for under $7 and hats for 50 cents.  Our grant money went so much further than it would next fall or winter.”

 “The students were the ones that hurried us into the Calais Walmart to shop because they knew the deals were there,” said Machias JMG Specialist, Jeff Chick. “The Giving Tree volunteers were happy to have the input of teens in shopping for next year as that is a tough crowd to please, and I estimate that our $1000 grant went about three times further in purchasing coats, boots, hats and mittens.” 

 Mangers at the Calais Walmart generously offered an additional 10% discount on items purchased for the Christmas Giving Tree.