Doing Good by Dozer

Houlton JOY visit

Houlton High School JMG students welcome Dozer (front middle in yellow coat) and the Humane Society with pet food, cleaning supplies and kitty litter. The Humane Society applied for a JOY grant.

Dozer is a special dog that tours for the Houlton Humane Society. Given up by a family who could no longer afford his veterinary care, Dozer, who was twice hit by cars and survived gangrene, now visits schools and clubs to help animal shelter staff spread the word about their work to rescue and place abandoned pets.

The shelter applied for a JOY grant through Houlton High School and Dee Butler’s JMG students welcomed Dozer and Heather, the shelter director ,with smiles, pet food, cleaning supplies and kitty litter.  “I have great kids!” says Dee.

The shelter provides opportunities for individual students to learn about animal care. Walking dogs and socializing cats can be a therapeutic experience for many young people.  As they consider where to award their JOY grant this year, Dee’s students have been invited to volunteer at the Humane Society; Dee hopes to arrange monthly visits to help out.  Dozer is a convincing recruiter!