A Sparkling Clean Solution

Now a new, commercial-grade dishwasher will take care of those stacks of dishes, allowing Warsaw Middle School students more time to cook, serve and socialize with the diners at the Welcome Table in Pittsfield.

It didn’t take long for the students of Warsaw Middle School to understand that the more time they spent doing dishes at The Welcome Table in Pittsfield, the less time there was for socializing with the diners at the soup kitchen.  During the 2012-2013 school year, students donated $500 of their JOY grant funds to the Welcome Table to help purchase a large, commercial-grade dishwasher to aid in speedier and more sanitized clean up following meal service.

The Welcome Table serves an average of fifty people every Friday. With the new dishwasher, all community volunteers can spend more time serving and chatting with the diners, and less time up to their elbows at the sink.

Because they had such a positive first experience, the Warsaw JMG students decided to volunteer to prepare lunch again the following year, and enjoyed making coffee and learning how to cook vegetables.

And clean up?  Quick, thorough and easy!