Funding Partners

Maine foundations Unity Foundation and Maine Community Foundation along with corporate partner, UniTel, Inc., collaborate to teach Maine middle and high school students the principles of smart philanthropy and the value of hands-on community commitment. Our mission is to advance youth philanthropy in Maine with the intent to build and strengthen communities through youth involvement.

Unity FoundationThe Unity Foundation created Jumpstart Our Youth in 2009, establishing a partnership with Jobs for Maine’s Graduates (JMG) to teach young people how philanthropy is part of the solution to meet local needs.



Maine Community FoundationMaine Community Foundation has funded JOY from its inception and has lent curriculum and program expertise gleaned from youth philanthropy pilots run in its County Funds programs.


UnitelUniTel, Inc. provides valuable insight and program expertise developed through its UniKids Club – a program for the children of employees who use Unitel funds to address local problems and issues as a group.

“It is definitely an honor to be chosen by the very group of people that we are here to serve. . . . As a grantee, it is nice to hear about the decision making process of the funders.”
—The Center for Grieving Children