“JOY” Throughout the Year

Students with experience in Jumpstart Our Youth feel empowered to find solutions to everyday needs, even outside the structured annual grant process. At Spruce Mountain High School, JMG Specialist Barbara Jewett notes that students who have had more experience with … Continue reading

“Did Our Money Go There?”

JMG’s Project Reach students at Vassalboro Community School have made many JOY donations in the local community since the program began nearly five years ago.  Students who began making the grants as 6th graders are more experienced philanthropists as eight … Continue reading

Morse High School Changes the Equation

 When does $1000=$10,000?  When students in Maria Morris’ JMG class raise money to purchase food for the Bath area food truck.  Owned and operated by Kim Gates, the Bath area mobile food truck delivers food from the Good Shepherd food … Continue reading

Winslow Middle School Turns Big Responsibility Inside Out

The seventh and eighth graders in Kayla Lynn’s JMG classes at Winslow Middle School progressed from focusing on the needs of one, seriously ill elementary school student, to focusing on the needs of a larger community. They also looked for … Continue reading

Portland High School Comes out to Play

Portland High School’s JMG students contributed $1000 to the Catherine Morrill Day Nursery. The class determined that they wanted to focus support on very young kids to ensure that they were ready to learn in Kindergarten. Rather than have the … Continue reading

Mahoney Middle School Digs for Details, Debates Preferences

Students in Jeff Kozaka’s JMG unit cast a wide net in soliciting RFP’s for their JOY grant.  In doing so, they set themselves up for both more research and a serious debate about which organization should receive the funds.  The students are  interested … Continue reading

Cinderella Asks Dress Recipients to Pay it Forward

A new dress, news shoes, sparkly earrings, dinner, photos. . . high school proms can be a big investment and many young women simply can’t afford the hundreds of dollars they should expect to fork out for that special night. … Continue reading